Change these 3 things...

Almost everyone living in the United States today has a leaky gut because our food supply has, for decades now, been devoid of many of the nutrients our bodies need and is tainted with chemicals like glyphosate that are used widely in the farming and processing of our food. Food additives that extend the shelf life, change the texture, color, flavor and 'performance' of foods are prolific even in foods labelled 'healthy' and do us great harm nutritionally. Widespread, chronic inflammation in our bodies is the downstream effect of a leaky gut - which you might notice as brain fog, migraines, seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, skin conditions, joint pain, anxiety, fatigue or digestive woes. It's also really hard to lose weight if your gut is leaky no matter how much you restrict your diet. Left unchecked a leaky gut can result in serious health conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, depression, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome and it is the underlying cause of heart disease, autoimmune disease and cancer.  

3 things you can start doing today to heal and seal your leaky gut are...

1. Get the bad stuff out- eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, processed food and foods you think you are sensitive to is an essential first step.

2. Get the good stuff in- Our bodies need nutrients to repair so eating clean, nutrient-dense meals made from high quality animal proteins, healthy fats and plenty of colorful veggies is the answer. 

3. Add more COLLAGEN to your diet- collagen is an essential raw material our bodies need to build healthy connective tissue including the lining of our small intestine (which is the part that gets leaky). The most bioavailable collagen is found in traditionally prepared bone broths, along with a multitude of other nutrients our bodies use in conjunction with collagen to heal and seal our gut. Adding a good quality unrefined sea salt like Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Gray Salt to your bone broth adds a plethora of minerals we all struggle to get enough of too. You can also supplement with collagen hydrolysate by adding it to other drinks and foods too.

Our 6-week WholeMade Reboot Program lays out a step-by-step approach to heal your leaky gut, lower your inflammation and shed the pounds and the symptoms forever. You will finish your Reboot with a prescription for eating that is customized to your bioindividual needs making the changes you make along the way sustainable over the long term. Join me and reclaim your vibrant life this fall.

In vibrant health,