Do your have FOOD SENSITIVITIES? Find out...

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Do you suspect you may have food sensitivities but haven’t been able to pinpoint what’s to blame? Do you have digestive issues like bloating, cramps, gas, constipation or diarrhea regularly? Do you experience skin flare-ups like eczema or acne? These symptoms are often the result of food sensitivities that develop due to a leaky gut. The best way to identify the foods that are triggering your immune reaction is an elimination diet – a short-term eating protocol that eliminates certain foods for 30 days before reintroducing them one at a time to identify which foods are or are not, well tolerated.

In my personal experience, I only started to see a dramatic improvement in my symptoms once I completed an elimination diet and went through the reintroduction process despite having had a vast array of food allergy testing completed. That is because, unlike food allergies, many food sensitivities don’t show up on allergy blood tests. Your body will speak loud and clear though, once you have eliminated a food you are not tolerating well and then reintroduce it… and remember, you can be sensitive to ‘healthy’ foods like eggs, fish and nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers. The only way to really know is to eliminate them and watch how your body responds.

The 7-week WholeMade Reboot Program is designed to support you through this process using several scientifically validated nutritional protocols including Whole 30, Autoimmune protocol (AIP) or the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) so that you finish with a customized eating protocol that meets your bioindividual needs and sets you on a path to vibrant good health. Starting from October 1st in Beverly Cove, Hamilton, North Andover or Cummings Center Beverly – you can attend any session in any location each week to fit your schedule – so join me and CHANGE YOUR LIFE the way I have changed mine.

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