Going strong... a year after his Reboot!

Almost a year ago, the very first WholeMade Reboot Program started and Joe and his wife signed up to address some of the nagging symptoms they had developed that were starting to impact their quality of life. Joe was 57 years old with a prior history of being on a statin drug to reduce his cholesterol. He had recently stopped taking the drug because of the negative side effects. He told his doctor that he wanted to try to reduce his cholesterol by changing his diet but his doctor said that he would likely need to go back on the statin if he couldn't drop his total cholesterol level to under 200 mg/dl. He was carrying 20lbs of weight he had been unable to lose. He was suffering plantar fasciitis and increasingly severe joint pain both of which he was considering medications to manage. Having started a small handyman business, it was important that he maintain his mobility and physical fitness. Joe's wife, who completed the program with him, had been diagnosed pre-diabetic. They knew it was time to address the root cause of all these symptoms... inflammation!

From the first class, Joe’s eyes were opened. After the first workshop, he realized he needed to start eating properly. He took WholeMade Kitchen’s chili recipe, went home and prepared a 6 pound batch so that he would have meals ready to eat. That became his new food routine—breakfast of bacon and eggs then dinner of whatever dish he batch-cooked from the WholeMade Kitchen recipe templates. He also started enjoying WholeMade’s gut healing bone broths. Most importantly, Joe was learning how to listen to his body and understand what his symptoms were telling him. After the Hydration workshop, he realized he was often dehydrated and that was contributing to his joint pain. Using the formula he received in class, he calculated what he should be drinking and increased his water intake (especially first thing every morning). He could tell by the feeling in his fingers when he was getting dehydrated and what to do so his body could absorb the water he was drinking. He also became aware of how his body was digesting food - chewing each mouthful long enough, feeling the gut nourishing effect of the bone broth and experiencing the restorative effects from the nutrient-dense food he was making. Within 3 weeks he started seeing major changes and becoming aware of how his body was working. As someone who used to manage his weight by neglecting food, Joe was learning that if you eat the right foods, especially healthy natural fats, you will feel nourished and satisfied by your meals, so you don’t crave sweets or feel deprived and your excess pounds quickly start to melt away.

Two weeks after completing the program, Joe went back to his doctor for his annual physical and to redo his blood work. By changing his eating habits and reducing his sugar and carb intake, his cholesterol levels were normalizing and were now within the proper range so he no longer needed to take a statin drug. Joe was also surprised he lost more than 15 pounds during the Reboot Program and says that he did it without starving, “I went from weighing about 205 down to 190 which I haven't been at since my 30's. I feel sharper mentally and have more energy physically as well as having improved my joint pain a lot. I’ll continue to rework my eating habits to include more fats and maintain a lower sugar and carb intake so I keep feeling this good.” While Joe still enjoys a good beer, glass of red wine, nip of bourbon and sweet treat from time to time, he is committed to his new lifestyle routine and the benefits it brings.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

                                                           Before (Sept 2017)        After (Nov 2018)

  • Cholesterol, Total:                     219                                 196
  • HDL “Good” Cholesterol:         48                                    54
  • LDL “Bad” Cholesterol:            144                                  126
  • VLDL “Very Bad” Cholesterol:  27                                     16
  • Triglycerides:                            133                                  82

It's now almost a year since Joe completed the WholeMade Reboot Program. Over the summer his daughter has gotten married and he's taken a hard earned vacation where he indulged in many of the foods that are no longer part of his regular diet. As the fall now rolls around, he's ready to "clean up his act" and return to feeling his vibrant best again. “Learning to change my eating habits was hard work but the rewards are nice and I'll continue down this path going forward. When I fall off the wagon from time-to-time, I know how to get back on board that wagon fairly easily. And as I need help I can reach out to my Reboot classmates and my new friends at WholeMade Kitchen!”