Ready to lose those stubborn pounds...FOREVER?

"I was surprised to learn that if I was hungry I should add more healthy fats to my meals. So I did and not only did I feel well nourished but I also went down almost 2 dress sizes over the 8 week Reboot. I’m at the weight now that I was when I got pregnant 35 years ago without feeling like I’m starving and deprived.”
- WholeMade Rebooter

In my nutritional therapy practice, almost all of my clients list weight loss as one of their biggest health challenges – it used to be one of mine too! After my career in the Australian lightweight women’s rowing team ended I turned my focus to building a new career in management consulting – the next 15 years included a bachelor’s degree, Law School, travelling constantly and working a gazillion hours a week. Each year that passed I found myself a few pounds heavier despite working out as often as I could and trying to ‘eat healthy’ along the way. By the time I was 40 and having had 2 kids I was almost 40lbs heavier than I wanted to be. I felt awful, I looked awful and I was miserable battling my IBS symptoms. So, on my 40th birthday I did what I’d always done to be successful – I set some goals, I made a plan and I did it. I restricted my calories and did cardio workout after cardio workout for months – a year later, my IBS was worse than ever and I was another couple of pounds heavier.

Then one morning not long after my family and I had moved back to Boston from Sydney Australia I walked into my favorite coffee place and sitting on the counter was a card advertising a nutritional therapy practitioner in town who specialized in the Paleo diet – “The what diet?” I asked. At my wits end I made an appointment and so began my journey back to vibrant health including shedding ALL those extra pounds. It was also the beginning of my third career, as a nutritional therapist and real food entrepreneur.

The key thing that underpinned my weight loss was understanding how my body’s blood sugar handling system works – how hormones like insulin and glucagon control our body’s fat storage and fat burning. How stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine can sabotage your best efforts if your macros (carbohydrate, fat and protein intake) aren’t optimized. I learned how to fuel my body so that I was in fat burning mode most of the time without starving myself or feeling exhausted and deprived. A year later all 40 of those stubborn pounds were gone. Not to mention my IBS symptoms were vastly improved too. You don’t have to be a physiologist or biochemist to understand how your body works so you can achieve your optimal body composition, but you do need some basic information that most doctors and health care professionals rarely have the time to share. That’s where the WholeMade REBOOT Program comes in.

If you are ready to take control of your health and shed those stubborn pounds forever, grab a friend and come join me and a likeminded tribe for the WholeMade REBOOT Program starting March 25th & 26th and be looking and feeling your best for the Summer. Watch as the pounds melt away, your energy soars and your symptoms resolve - all while eating the most delicious, nutrient-dense and satisfying meals you’ve ever enjoyed.

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In vibrant health,