Sweet Treats & Snacks Are Here!

Hello Nutrivores,

Eating clean does NOT mean being deprived of all things sweet and delicious so it is with great excitement I want to introduce you to my good friend Elizabeth Miles at White Lion Baking Company.  Liz and her talented team of Paleo bakers have been satisfying my family's sweet tooth with an amazing array of muffins, brownies and magic bars (the most aptly named baked good ever) for years now. White Lion's kitchen is certified gluten free and their products exclude refined sugars, soy and industrial seed oils just like our WholeMade Meals. White Lion's products are crafted on nutrient dense almond flour that is rich in protein, antioxidants and healthy mono-unsaturated fats. Naturally low carb, you can enjoy that sweet indulgence without the guilt or the symptom backlash.  For those of you with a savory tooth, we also have a variety of Almond Flour Crackers including Rosemary Sea Salt, Onion, Garlic & Dill and Jalapeño which pair beautifully with our Golden Chicken Bone Broth for the ultimate nutrient-dense snack.

So while you are simplifying your life and stocking up with WholeMade Meals to fuel your week - come and enjoy a taste of some of Liz's craftsmanship and see just how delicious a grain-free lifestyle can be. 

Our updated summer hours are:

SUN-WED      12pm -7:30pm
THUR              12-5:30pm
FRI-SAT           8am-2:30pm

White Lion's products will also be available on our home delivery menu when we recommence service later this month. 

In vibrant health,

Helen & the WholeMade Team