The 3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned About How to be Vibrantly Healthy

There’s only one thing that stops us all from being vibrantly healthy. That’s right – there is a single root cause behind all of our health woes. Whether you are battling cancer, heart disease or an autoimmune condition… whether you are struggling with depression, diabetes or dermatitis or whether you are just tired of being tired, all of the time. All of the conditions and symptoms we have come to consider ‘normal’ (especially as we age) share a single, common root cause: it’s called INFLAMMATION. Eliminate your inflammation and guess what? You reverse your symptoms – all of them, regardless of what they might be. The 3 most important things I learned recovering my own health and that of my family is HOW to do that.

Eight years ago, when I was at my sickest, there were a few things I didn’t understand about how my body worked that were crucial to being able to heal myself. What I’ve learned since is that most people don’t understand how their bodies work and that’s why, as a culture, we see the high levels of chronic illness that we do. The good news is that what you need to know isn’t hard to learn and once you ‘get it’, feeling AWESOME follows pretty quickly. So, let me connect some dots for you that I hadn’t connected before becoming a nutritional therapy practitioner:

1. The FOUNDATION of vibrant health is having a robust Immune System.

2. Guess where 70%-80% of your immune system is located? That’s right, it’s in and around your gut - which makes sense when you think about it. Your digestive tract runs from your mouth to the other end and is essentially one long tube. While it is inside your body, the contents of that tube aren’t ‘inside’ your body until they cross through the wall of the tube and enter your bloodstream. Waiting on the other side is your immune system watching vigilantly to make sure nothing gets in that shouldn’t be there and mounting an attack to neutralize anything it finds that can hurt us.

3. The Problem: When the wall of that tube gets ‘leaky’ and starts letting things in that it shouldn’t, our immune system goes into overdrive trying to protect us. Step 1 for our immune system is start the inflammation process so the cells that protect and repair us can get in and do their job. But if the bad stuff keeps on coming, this inflammatory response designed to protect and heal us spreads throughout our body and wreaks havoc. Your symptoms, whatever they are, are the alarm bells your immune system is ringing to tell you it’s in overdrive.

Luckily the SOLUTION is simple! Heal the leaky walls → this calms your immune system → watch your inflammation subside and then your symptoms resolve.

Say “Hello” to vibrant health!

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- Helen