Welcome to WholeMade Kitchen! We are so glad you’re here.

At WholeMade, we know that REAL food is the foundation of a vibrant life.

What if I told you the myriad of symptoms we’ve grown to consider ‘normal’ like indigestion, brain fog, seasonal allergies, fatigue, headache, insomnia, joint pain, skin rashes, anxiety and moodiness can be dramatically improved and often completely resolved by incorporating more of the foods our ancestors ate into your lifestyle. At WholeMade, we are here to fuel your most vibrant life.


History tells us our ancestors didn’t suffer the debilitating health conditions that so many people, especially our children, experience today. My journey led me to discover that a nutrient dense, whole food diet is the starting point to provide the sustainable answers I was seeking. Food is its most restorative when prepared using traditional methods without cutting corners or taking shortcuts. But how do we find the time and energy this requires while balancing work, family and busy lives? That’s where WholeMade can save the day. 


I consider it my calling in life to share my understanding of how the human body functions, what REAL food is and how to incorporate ancestral lifestyle principles into our 21st century lives. I have done it for myself and my family and I am passionate about enabling others to reap the benefits of optimal health as well.


At WholeMade Kitchen you’ll find dishes planned by myself, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), and cooked diligently by my trained chefs with fresh, clean ingredients sourced as locally as possible.


In a few weeks, WholeMade Kitchen is going to launch a fully-redesigned menu where you can enjoy delicious, nutrient dense meals that you and your family will customize to your own tastes and requirements. We will be offering Meal Plan Subscriptions and Build-Your-Own Meals for home delivery or pick up as well as in-store at our Hale Street Broth Bar. We’ve got you covered even when life gets away from you and you haven’t ordered ahead. Our delicious, nutrient dense bone broths will also be available hot or cold with a variety of flavorsome add ins at our store or for home. And, for those of you on the go, be sure to track down our Broth Cart for a satisfying cup of restorative bone broth at farmers markets and events around the North Shore.


We’ve got a lot planned and can’t wait to start fueling your vibrant life!