Winter REBOOT Program

Starting Jan 7th & 8th

Ready to lose the brain fog, indigestion and extra weight... forever?

Take control of your health by learning how to resolve the root cause of all those symptoms and start living your most vibrant life.

Helen Allard, Founder of WholeMade Kitchen and Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, is facilitating a 8-week Nutritional Reboot that will help you reset your metabolism, understand how your body reacts to specific foods and design a customized food protocol that is sustainable and personalized to your bioindividual needs. In a supportive, small group setting we will cover important topics including the root cause of inflammation, leaky gut syndrome and sugar addiction while enjoying a steaming hot cup of bone broth.

Helen will provide the knowledge and support you need to make lifelong nutrition and lifestyle choices to fuel a vibrant, healthy life!

"This workshop taught me how food affects my body and overall health. Helen and her team have a passion for health and a wealth of information. I recommend the Nutritional Reboot for anyone interested in improving their quality of life wholly and naturally." 

- Michelle Campagna



Cummings Center Beverly - Monday's 12:30-1:30pm, 5:30-6:30pm, 7-8pm

100 Building: Community Conference Room Ste 221-E, Beverly MA 01915

Beverly Cove Community Center - Tuesday's 7-8pm

19 E Corning St, Beverly, MA, 01915

NOTE: Participants are welcome to attend any session at any location each week to suit your schedule. Please email with your requested change so we can cater accordingly.

  • Hot bone broth on arrival at each workshop
  • Weekly presentation
  • Tastings and samples at several workshops (Broth, Ferments, Kombucha)
  • Comprehensive reference materials - protocol guidelines including foods to include, foods to avoid, kitchen essentials and worksheets for activities
  • WholeMade Kitchen recipes and templates
  • Email support between weekly workshops
  • 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL ORDERS from the WholeMade Kitchen Menu for the full 8-weeks.
    Week 1 | Hit Reboot | Understand your body's Total Load and choose your Reboot nutritional protocol - Paleo, Whole30, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Autoimmune Protocol
    Week 2 | Here's to Hydration | Calculate your bioindividual water needs
    Week 3 | Leaky Gut Syndrome | Learn how to heal and seal your gut
    Week 4 | Perils of the High Carb Diet | Curb your sugar intake and reduce inflammation for effortless weight loss and hormonal harmony 
    Week 5 | Benefits of Dietary Fats | Learn how to incorporate 'good' fats to lose weight, maintain energy and balance hormones 
    Week 6 | Food Sensitivities & Reintroducing Foods | Understand how food sensitivities work and begin reintroducing foods to create your customized nutritional protocol

    Week | No Class - participants are reintroducing various foods during this week with email support

    Week 8 | Evaluating Reintroductions & Lifestyle Factors | Review how your body responded to the reintroductions & evaluate the lifestyle factors that round out the new you - sleep, chemical stressors, exercise, movement and love

    Real Food For A Vibrant Life

    Use code HOLIDAYREBOOT20 at checkout for a 20% discount if you register prior to December 25th.

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