How It Works


The fastest and easiest way to get delicious Paleo meals on your plate each week. We curate 4 main meal combinations, 4 light meals each week along with a selection of soups, broths, treats and snacks so you can check in and checkout with minimal time and effort all at our great meal bundle prices. Available in single or family portions.

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Build-Your-Own Meals

Curate your own meals from our infinitely customizable menu to suit your bioindividual needs and personal tastes. Whether you are following a particular nutritional protocol or just accommodating a picky eater, you can create nutritionally complete meals comprised of clean, nutrient-dense proteins, sides and condiments at our great meal bundle prices. Available in single or family portions.

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A La Carte

Our A La Carte menu gives you the utmost flexibility to choose individual menu items in single or family portions. Whether you are looking to complement a meal you have cooked yourself with an extra side or condiment, want to have some extra protein in the fridge for a quick week-night meal or are simply looking to stock your freezer with some nutrient-dense broth, soup or stew, our A La Carte menu has got you covered.

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Nutritional Protocols

A nutritional protocol is a dietary intervention designed to eliminate symptoms by rebalancing the body’s biochemistry and reducing inflammation. Many chronic conditions and diseases are the indirect result of a condition known as ‘Leaky Gut’ where the lining of the small intestine becomes irritated causing it to be more permeable than it should be. Contents from the gut are then able to pass through ‘holes’ in the gut lining and enter the bloodstream triggering an immune response that results in widespread inflammation – the root cause of the problematic symptoms. The ONLY way to heal a leaky gut is through dietary intervention. Introducing foods known to heal and seal the gut lining and promote a robust microbiome (‘healthy’ gut flora) and simultaneously eliminating the food compounds known to compromise gut function and trigger inflammation leads to rapid relief from symptoms and long-term healing of the gut lining.

At WholeMade, we work with a variety of nutritional protocols that our experience and clinical research show to be effective including the Paleo diet, the Whole30 Program, the Autoimmune Protocol and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Each item on our menu and our labels are clearly marked with the protocols they are compliant with so making good choices based on your bioindividual needs is simple and convenient.

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Our Beverly store at 151 1/2 Hale Street is open 7 days a week for you to drop in and Build-Your-Own Meals right from our fridge. We also carry our bone broths, soups and ferments as well as a range of treats and snacks for you to choose from.

Home Delivery

We provide a weekly home delivery service to many towns across the North Shore. Simply place your order online before the deadline at 5.30pm Thursday for home delivery Sunday or Monday between 3-8pm in time for dinner.

There is a $69 minimum order and free home delivery.

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Simply place your order online before the deadline at 5:30pm Thursday for pick up or office delivery the following Monday and select a location convenient to your home or work.

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